Frequently Asked Questions

People always have questions… this page should help with common questions you may have.

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When and how do I report a claim? How am I paid for a Major Medical claim?

We tell all of our clients to be sure to call the claims number attached to your policy whenever you have “other than a routine” vet call. In addition, an Independent Equine Agents’ representative is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (800) 346-8880. Be sure to call within the time requirements stated in your policy.

Once you have reported the claim, a representative from your insurance company’s claims department will be in contact with you. You will be advised to submit all medical bills. Once you have paid your veterinarian, the company will reimburse you less the Major Medical deductible and any co-payments that may apply.

I have recently purchased a horse. How can I establish the horse’s value?

For recent purchases, the purchase price establishes the horse’s insurable value.

I have a foal that I bred and would like to insure. How can I establish the foal’s value?

Normally, homebred foals can be insured for two to three times the stud fee paid. Some exceptions can be made based on the lineage of the foal.

How do I begin Mortality coverage for my horse? What paperwork do I need to provide? Is a vet exam required?

To provide a quote, we will need to know that age, breed, sex, specific use and value/purchase price. 

The paperwork required will vary depending on the age and value of the horse.

Are payment plans available?

Yes, our insurance carriers offer a variety of payment plan options.

What age can I begin insuring my horse? And how long can I maintain coverage?

We begin insuring horses as early as 24 hours old and can cover horses up to the age of 21.

If I travel to another state for a horse show, will my horse be covered?

Once coverage is in place, the insurance will follow your horse anywhere in the United States and while in transit.

Can I obtain Major Medical and/or Surgical coverage without purchasing Mortality coverage?

No, all insurance carriers require that you purchase Mortality coverage in order to purchase Major Medical and/or Surgical coverage.

Does my Mortality policy cover any liability exposure?

The Mortality policy does not cover any liability exposure. However, we do offer Horse Owners Liability coverage.  If you are interested in obtaining liability insurance for your horse please contact us at (800) 346-8880 or

If I have my boarders sign a stable release form, why would I need to carry liability insurance?

While it is important to have your boarders sign a release form, it does not substitute the necessity for liability insurance. A Commercial General Liability policy will help pay claims for which you are legally liable and also assist with defense costs.

The horses boarded at my farm are insured by their owners. Would I still need Care, Custody and Control coverage? How does it differ from Commercial General Liability?

Even though your boarders carry their own insurance, you wouldn’t be protected if a non-owned horse in your care is injured or dies due to your negligence. The client’s insurance company would pay their Mortality claim, but if negligence is suspected then the insurance company can file a claim against you to recoup their funds.  Also, the majority of mortality and medical policies DO NOT include Loss of Use Coverage. A Care, Custody and Control policy would help pay the claim and assist with defense costs.

Commercial General Liability excludes damage to property in your care, custody and control including non-owned horses. For this reason, it is important to consider Care, Custody and Control coverage should you become legally liable for injury or death of a non-owned horse in your care, custody or control.