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Equine Insurance Claim or Incident Report


Reporting a Claim or Veterinary Issue

When to Report:

It is a requirement of your equine insurance contract that you immediately report any accident, illness, injury, surgery, death or theft of your insured horse. Failure to do so could jeopardize your coverage.

A good rule of thumb is to report any incident that requires your animal to be seen or treated by a veterinarian, for any reason, other than routine vaccinations, de-worming, etc.

***If you are calling to report a possible Surgery or Euthanasia claim, you must receive consent from the insurance company prior to the procedure. For all death claims, a necropsy/autopsy is required prior to burial***


How to Report a Claim or Veterinary Issue:

A claim information card and the contact information specific for your policy will be included with your policy.


When you first receive your policy:

  • We encourage you to provide this information to the person(s) responsible for your horse.
  • We also encourage you to keep the information in an assessable place in the event of an emergency – and, as a backup.


In the event of an emergency:

  • An Independent Equine Agents representative is on call to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (800) 346-8880. We will gladly take the information and pass it along to the insurance company claim representative who will process your claim and incident report.
  • OR you can directly call the claims number attached to your MORTALITY policy
    • If you are with Great American Insurance Company, call (800) 331-0211
    • If you are with Lloyd’s Equine Insurance Company, call (800) 732-6012
  • OR you can directly call the claims number attached to your LIABILITY policy
    • If you are with Diamond State Insurance Company, call (800) 783-9418
  • OR you can directly call the claims number attached to your FARM policy
    • If you are with Travelers Insurance Company, call (800) 238-6225
  • OR complete, sign and date the Equine Insurance Claim Form. Your form can NOT be saved. Mail or fax the completed claim form to the address or number at the top of the document. Add your phone number in large text under the page title. Signed forms can also be scanned and emailed to info@independentequineagents.com.


What Happens Next?

  • Your insurance company claim representative will gather the information pertaining to your claim and advise you what information or documents, if any, you need to provide.
  • Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have during the claim process. We are not authorized to make coverage or payment determinations but we are here to assist you any way we can.
  • Once your covered claim has been processed, a check is issued and mailed to you.

Insurance Dos and Don’ts

DO Employ a veterinarian to treat or verify the death of your horse.

DO Provide immediate notice of accident, illness, injury, surgery, death or theft of an insured horse to your agent or other representative of the insurance company.

DO Notify the appropriate law enforcement agency if a law may have been broken.

DO Arrange for an necropsy if your horse has died.

DO Contact us if you need assistance.

DO NOT Allow your horse to be euthanized without the consent of the insurance company.

DO NOT Allow your horse to have surgery without the consent of the insurance company.

DO NOT Allow your deceased horse to be buried without insurance company approval or prior to a necropsy being performed.

DO NOT Neglect reporting relevant incidents/accidents to law enforcement.

DO NOT Hesitate to contact us if you need assistance.