Protect your investment with this all risk policy that covers death due to:

  • Accident
  • Illness
  • Disease
  • Theft
  • Humane Destruction


Major Medical Coverage

Major Medical will reimburse medical &/or surgical expenses due to an injury or illness.  The Major Medical Coverage does NOT provide coverage for any condition that is considered routine maintenance (vaccinations, worming, joint injections, etc.), elective, performance enhancing or pre-existing to the coverage term.  Various limit options, deductible options and co-payment options are available depending on the age and value of your animal.


Surgical Endorsement

While surgical expenses are normally covered under the major medical endorsement, the option to purchase coverage that is specific to surgical procedures is available.  Surgical endorsement can be purchased in lieu of major medical coverage or it can be purchased in combination with the major medical coverage to provide additional coverage for surgical procedures. The Surgical Coverage provides reimbursement for surgical expenses.   Most insurance carriers require that the surgery be performed in a veterinary facility AND under general anesthesia.    It does not provide coverage for a condition that is considered performance enhancing, routine, elective or pre-existing to the coverage term.  


Loss of Use Endorsement

Loss of Use coverage pays you a set percentage of the insured value of the animal if the horse becomes TOTALLY and PERMANENTLY unfit for use as a show animal AT ANY LEVEL.  Loss of use coverage requires a full physical exam, radiographs of all four legs, flexion tests and a scoped and clinical respiratory examination.   The results of the examination are sent to the underwriter who will determine the horse’s eligibility for loss of use coverage.  In the event that a loss of use claim is paid, the insurance carrier reserves the right to take ownership and possession of the animal. 


Prospective Foal

This coverage is designed to insure the loss of an unborn foal. Rates are based on individual criteria and the stud fee paid.


Stallion Availability

This coverage pays if a covered stallion fails to complete two services of a nominated mare during the breeding season due to the stallion’s death, disability or inability to produce live sperm.