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Protect your investment with this all risk policy that covers death due to:

  • Accident
  • Illness
  • Disease
  • Theft
  • Humane Destruction

Coverage Highlights

  • Insurable from one day old through age 20.
  • Agreed Value – The insured value of your horse is AGREED in advance unlike policies written on an Actual Cash Value basis
  • In most cases, emergency colic surgery expense or life saving surgery expense reimbursement is included.
  • 12-Month Extension Clause – protection after the policy expires should your horse die due to a covered condition that was reported before the policy’s expiration date.
  • 24-hour claims service.
  • Installment plans available.

How to Apply

To submit a non-binding application, please complete the above requests. Your information can NOT be saved. Mail or fax the printout to the address or number at the top of the application. Completed, signed forms can be scanned and emailed to info@independentequineagents.com.


Major Medical Endorsement aka Veterinary Fee Assistance Endorsement

The Major Medical endorsement aka Veterinary Fee Assistance will assist you with veterinary expenses that arise from unforeseen health problems by reimbursing you for certain diagnostic tests, medical treatment and surgical expenses.

The Veterinary Fee Assistance Endorsement is exclusive to Independent Equine Agents through Lloyd’s of London and was designed to specifically address the gaps in coverage that are common with other medical/surgical endorsements throughout the industry. Contact us today to learn more about this unique Veterinary Free Assistance coverage that is only available to our clients.

Surgical Only Endorsement

The Surgical Endorsement provides coverage for the veterinary expense of surgical treatment including anesthesia due to an accident, disease or illness. In addition to the surgical expense coverage, a portion or all of the cost of hospitalization, x-rays, medication and lab tests associated with the surgery may be included.

Loss of Use Endorsement (Available through age 12 years for show horses only)

There is no need to suffer a financial loss due to your horse becoming permanently incapable of fulfilling its function as stated in your policy. We have several options available. Please consult with a representative for specific Loss of Use options that may be available to you.

Stallion Permanent Disability

Protect your investment should your stallion become permanently unable to breed due to a specific illness, disease or accident that occurs during the policy period.

Prospective Foal

This coverage is designed to insure the loss of an unborn foal. Rates are based on individual criteria and the stud fee paid.

Stallion Availability

This coverage pays if a covered stallion fails to complete two services of a nominated mare during the breeding season due to the stallion’s death, disability or inability to produce live sperm.

Offering Insurance for all Breeds and all Uses including but not limited to:

> Show
> Dressage
> Hunter/Jumper
> Eventing
> Pleasure
> Breeding
> Racing
> Vaulting
> Cutting
> Reining
> Roping
> Barrel Racing
> Team Penning
> Steeplechaser
> Hurdler
> Driving
> Trail
> Lesson
> Polo
> Gymkhana
> Endurance